Friday, October 17, 2008


Super lack of updates, i know. Haha. Anyways, was really really busy with stuffs lately. Here are my recent updates .

Just went through the very first White Coat Ceremony held by School of Medicine this afternoon. Gotta say thanks to the Community Medicine family whom made this happened. Am really glad that our batch was the first to go through this historical event, and it was supposed to be a tradition for all medical students to go through before stepping into the hospitals and to approach patients. Few speeches on dress code and code of conducts in hospitals were delivered by the deputy deans for clinical and pre-clinical studies. The ceremony then proceeds on to putting on the white coat on ourselves, which signifies the must to adhere to the professional behaviour whenever and wherever the white coat is worn at hospitals. The Hippocratic Oath is then read with Prof. Dinker Pai. Ceremony ceases with the briefing on the upcoming primary care interface programmes by Dr. KKN which will be starting next week. Kind of like a historical moment for all of us there, who chooses medicine to be our lifelong career. Hopefully everything will go on well for the years to come. Time really do flies and here comes our first hospital postings which will be starting next week already! Am gonna be busy with preparation for the upcoming final examinations and the last continuous accessment. Year one has finally drawn to it's end, such a tiring and stressful year i'd say. But it's all worth it. Since it is my dream and passion to become a healer. ;)