Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Having to meet up few of my close friends during highschool for breakfast today has certainly brought me into alot of thinking. It was a great gathering though, to get to know on how each other is doing and so on. Also, to catch up on some of the other friends whom we haven't heard for quite sometime already. It's not an everyday opportunity we could meet up like how we did today, majority has gone at all direction towards different countries to pursue their dreams. It was certainly a good talk, though gossiping about others were also one of our topics for the morning. Haha.

Nimalan, one of my closest highschool buddy who just came back from London a day ago was the organizer. And it seems that this thingy were organised to meet up Fazil who's gonna catch a flight back to OZ at 12pm this afternoon. It was like some sorta last minute gathering before he leaves. Wei Huang whose currently only holiday from SG were there too.

We sort of talk abit about our life and etc. The usual kind of conversation, and i was surprised to hear that my friend San Kin is already working as a certified Pilot for Fireflyz, while Fazil will be graduating end of this year itself! Nimalan too who's reading Law in King's College will be graduating next year as well! Me on the other hand, still has 3.5 years to go. Arghh. Another freggin 3.5 years! Why medicine after all? As i've known that the medical curriculum aren't gonna be easy, the extra long working hours, lousy pay, stress and etc. Why still Medicine, at the first place?

It makes me ponder during the rest of my day. 5 freggin years of studies, 2 years of torturing housemanship, 3 years of compulsory government services, and at least another 5 years to specialize. What have i gotten myself into! Then, i was wondering if medicine truly is my passion. At the end of the day i did eventually came out with the answer, which i'm now gonna loudly and proudly say that "Being a doctor is my passion! I've chosen it, i've walked this far and will not regret the choice i've made!". It's really not easy. Then, i was thinking how many years of students life can one enjoy during his lifetime? I'm glad that i've still got another 3.5 years to go, before i step into the ever busy working life which is definitely many times worst if you were to compare it with my current students life.

Since i've gotten myself into the course, i've always respect the doctors, for being able to qualify and practice after going through so much. Now that i understand why did people say that medicine's one of the toughest course in the world, i've few thoughts and advice to give, especially to my fellow juniors (which i've always told). Take into mind that these are all through experiences that i've gone through so far.


1. Medicine is not tough, as long as you understands what the whole thing's about.

2. It will not be dull or boring either, if you could really enjoy the subjects and appreciate how hounoured you are, to be able know about your own body. How amazing it is, you will realize later on.


3. It's the interest and passion that keeps you going! Never lose interest, it's your choice anyways.

4. Being studious is not the only way to achieve good results. Being attentive in class, UNDERSTANDING (I mean really understanding) each lecture could bring you further in exams. (Of course, constant studying must be there. Just don't "overstudy".)

5. Study not for exams, but truly and sincerely for the sake of your knowledge. Try to imagine that what you're studying now will not only benefit you, but your patients in the future as well.

6. Therefore, do not spot questions/follow tips given etc. They can kill you. Plus you're only cheating yourself, and getting yourself into trouble in the future. Keep in mind that, you have to know EVERYTHING, doctor! You're gonna deal with lives! Stop cheating yourself.

7. Feel free to consult lecturers and friends when you really do not understand anything. (This would have been told to you for a thousand times, but many just do not have the courage to do so, at least after lecture hours.)


8. Read through not just once, but PLENTY of times. The medical terms and definitions aren't gonna be easy to memorize. This is what making medicine so difficult afterall.

9. Love the subjects, or at least try to find few positive points on the subjects you disliked. You'll still have to get back to it at the end of the day, so why not try to love it instead of hating it, which will never benefit you in anyway. (The HBM PAPERS!)

10. This is what i would always be telling about, if you know me. GO FREGGING GET A LIFE! Besides studying, we need a life too! Though not too much, but do not be a typical medical student. I've always believed that medical doctors can get cheeky in some other ways too, not with the books.

I guess, that's all so far i could think of. It's all from my point of view. Hopefully it does help, for those in the field who're dropping by. Do give me a comment or two, if you've any opinions about it.

Fellow juniors, i wish you all the best and do not worry about about studies right now, because what you need to do currently, is to go party untill you enrol to the course. YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE CRAVING FOR HOLIDAYS after you're in. TRUST ME! ;)

Ps. Batch 14-ers, all the best for you upcoming finals. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It's been a while (by that, i really meant "A WHILE". Haha.), i'm now back to the blogging business again. :)

Was reading through my previous posts this afternoon and found that to read back what i've written/posted in the past gives me some sort of unexplainable feeling of satisfaction. The stories, the images, the comments, the replies etc. There's this thought that came to me spontaneously into my mind that, this blog should not be abandoned at the first place!

On the other hand, my camera too, had been lying at the corner of my room collecting dusts for the past few months. I was asking myself, isn't photography my passion? It's a waste to not make full use of what i've got hold of. In fact, it's a shame to give up my passion with excuses such as having no time for these things anymore due to studies. Where spending just a few minutes in the weekend could easily complete these tasks.

Now that i've made up my mind to get back to my blog, i'll try my best to at least try to maintain 1 or 2 updates per week. Keep supporting me alright! Stay tuned from time to time. ;)


Anyways, i hereby introduce you guys to our new family pet, Codie! He's our cute white 3+ months old male Maltese puppy, whom has gotten his tails and ears dyed orange (temporarily). Definitely cute and smart! Having to learn how to housebreak in just 1 week time, and to obey to simply commands such as sit, stay, come and hand. :)

Say "Hi!" to Codiee. :) Super cute eh?

Random shot of him sleeping under the sofa.

Another random shot.

Closeup shot. You can practically see the details on his nose, that's why i like Canon!


Sleeping soundly.

Another candid shot.

Just to update some of you guys, my hols will be ending this week. Can't wait to go back to see you again, my dear. All the best for finals alright! Supporting you from the other site, 400km away. :)

To the others, Stay tuned for further updates! Ciowz!



Should i or should i not? It's been a near to a year. Anyone still reading my blog currently? Hahaa. Just wondering. :) Gimme a comment or two on what should i do to improve my blog. I'd be glad to hear from you guys again. And yes, i'm thinking of reviving this blog again. Out of boredom. Ciowz! ;)

Ps. Oh yeah, did i mention that i'm coming back to photography? Stay tuned. :)