Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm taking a short break. The weather here is killing me, and the hand in date for my assignments is like, 4 more days away! Heat plus stress, definitely not a good mathematical formula. Anyway, just a random post, random pictures to share.

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Sunset at AIMST.

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15 second long exposure shot taken yest night. Love the wind effect.

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The power of 12X zoom.

Guess that's all. Going back to my assignments again, argh. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Sorry for not being able to update my blog recently. I'm still being trapped under the hazy Mount Jerai. Anyway, just to update some of you guys, life's all good here. I've finished practically 3 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in 2 weeks time, completed most of my assignments, presentations and continuos mid-term exams. Life's still pretty occupied here as finals for LAN and university paper's drawing near. I need to study! Well, i guess it's just 3 more weeks of sufferings to go and i'm off for my holidays again. These are some of the little updates on me for the time being, will be posting more once i've finished my finals. Till then, good luck to those who're on their SPM and STPM, to the others, have a great day! Ta. =]

Some pictures that i've taken and edited out of boredom. Some tweaking with duotones. Enjoy.

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Medical faculty, main admin building and library.

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Through the windows from my room.

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Glow in the dark.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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Do drop by at Life Through Images! =]

Monday, November 19, 2007


Found something hilarious in my mailbox this morning. Just wanna share with you guys cause i find it very "true" as well. Just for laughs, alright? Haha. Read on and enjoy!

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20 Reasons You Should Date a Doctor

1. They have the tool. (Stetoscopes)
2. They can give you the gift of "missing them" because they are always at work.
3. They can give you a free medical consultation. (Everyone's favourite?)
4.You save yourself the embarrassment of going to a doctor with an infection!
5. They are smart!! (It's not easy to finish the 5 year course you see, haha.)
6. They know their anatomy well. (Know what works and where.)
7. They are wild party people in the weekends. (Oh yeah!!)
8. "Let's play doctor!"
9. They are well trained to listen.
10. They know how you feel, or at least pretend to!!
11. They always have a strange new story to tell.
12. They offer you a tissue when you feel like crying. (It is a reflex action.)
13. They can stay up all night if you want them to. (They are used to on-calls.)
14. They can guide you in the gym. (That's where anatomy comes into play.)
15. Money! (They work long hours for it.)
16. Free medical samples!
17. They are unshockable.
18. They know what you want to hear and say it!
19. They always dress nice. (It's a dress code for them, you see.)
20. They are trained in breaking bad news in a nice way.

So guys, doctors, anyone? I have lots of them here. Haha! XD

PS. Sorry Navinder, that's the best photo i can find in my archive. =P

Friday, November 16, 2007


Just doing some promotion for my friend here, there will be a hip hop party going on at Kota Damansara at 8pm tonight. So, breakers and party-goers, go ahead and have a crazy night over at SMASH academy Kota Damansara tonight! Too bad i'm stucked here at SP. Sigh.

Have fun! =]

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Well, nothing much on this post since currently i'm quite busy building up another blog partnership with a few of my friends here. Just a brief introduction to you guys, will be a new blog formed between the partnership of me, Kenny, Zai yi and Ke Wei, which the 4 of us are roomates and coursemates. It'll be a whole new photoblog featuring mostly on pretty snapshots and beautiful words speaking on the ups and downs of our life and thoughts. However, most of the post there will be written in mandarin but we're currently working hard to make a translation for each and every of the entry that we have posted in there. It's still under construction currently by the way, which we'll officially launch it right after posting up our first entry. Do catch up with our updates here on my blog. =]

For the time being, i'll be posting some of the pictures that i've taken during my trip to Penang some time ago. Comments and critics are most welcomed here. Enjoy.

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This picture is taken early in the morning at the 28th floor of Northam Suites near Persiaran Gurney, Penang. Amazing bird's eye view of the straits of Penang.

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This picture was captured when we were walking back to the hotel from Gurney Plaza. It was the view of the sea during low tides at Gurney Drive.

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This boat was trapped in the mud during low tides, and the fisherman gave up after several tries of pushing it back into the sea. Looking like a piece of perfect artwork, i snapped it down.

Till then, ta. =]

Friday, November 9, 2007


Holiday's soon to be over, and i guess i've had enough rest and fun. I'm still at KL though, will be back to Sungai Petani on this coming Sunday. Anyway, i guess it's time for me to catch up with blogging again? Sorry guys for being away for so long.

Alright, here comes my post on the extremely outdated Penang trip II. =]


It was the night when we came back from the first Penang trip, my housemate suddenly suggested that we should go down to Penang once again to fill up the time of our going-to-be-a-damned-boring weekend. So after much planning and consideration, we agreed. This time, we went there car-less, wanting to try out the Penang Island purely just on public transport. We even brought together maps of Penang Island and printed copies of Rapid Penang bus routes.

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Our journey started at around 9am, where we called up 2 taxis to carry our asses from the campus to the bus station. From the bus station, we climbed onto the shuttle bus which takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the Butterworth Jetty. Upon reaching the jetty, we took the ferry to bring us across the straits to the island of Penang. It is here where our journey begins.

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Note the misty hills of Penang behind the pictures. Too bad i haven't got a wide lens to capture each and every bit of em' down into a picture. Anyway, it only takes about 20 minutes to cross the strait. Immediately once touching down, we took out the maps and started discussing on the our first stop of the day. If you were wondering how do we looked like on that day, i can tell you that we freaking look like a tourist from the West, each of us had our big backpacks on, cameras hanging around the necks and hands full with maps. =.=

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After a while, we decided that it will be Seoul Garden that will be our first stop of the day. We took the feeder bus up from Weld Quay Jetty to Gurney Plaza. Well, guess you'll be wondering what Seoul Garden is? It's is an authentic Korean-styled BBQ restaurant that offers diners with a unique self-serving dining experience. They serves authentic & intense meat-marinates, large spread of fresh buffet items and their freshest produce, all in a no-frill, bright and hygienic ambient while they soaked in a vibrant yet noisy atmosphere. Seriously, if you are thinking of BBQ steamboat buffet, i'll high recommend you Seoul Garden.

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The best thing is that they actually have special discounted prices for students. All you need to do is only to present your student ID upon making your payment, then you will be entitled to only RM16.99++, and it comes with free flow of drinks.

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The interior of the restaurant, it's so much more hygienic compared to other steamboat buffet outlets out there. With the cozy lightnings and great varities of food, Seoul Garden will definitely make a good place for gatherings among friends and families. This time it was a gathering with my current batchmates.

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This is the alley where they serve all kinds of raw foods. Marinated beefs and poultry, seafoods, manufactured seafood products, vegetables, drinks, desserts etc.

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Raw foods we took which is ready to be thrown onto the hotplates.

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This is how the steamboat hotplate buffet works. There's a bowl of soup base in the centre surrounded by sizzling hot hotplates. If you'd like the food to be eaten wet, just throw them into the bowl of soup, wait a few minutes until you see them float on the surface, then it's ready to be eaten. If you'd like to eat it dry, throw them onto the hotplates, turn it every 30 seconds, until you see the colour changes, then it's ready to be consumed. A great experience for people who doesn't know how to cook and to eat what they've cooked. Haha.

We've had 4kg of prawns there i think. Thanks to Ah Pa (Eng Teck) who suggested us to peel the skin off the prawns and fry it with eggs on the hotplates. It tasted so good that each time they top up the prawns, we took all of em'. Friggin consumed alot of cholestrol that day man. Haha.

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Roomies forever! (Ke Wei on the top, me on the left and Kenny on the right, Zai Yi is missing from this photo tho.) Anyway, we've had a great time there. Great food, funny friends and pleasant atmosphere. Well, i guess that's all for now, this is only part of the trip on our first day. More to come up soon. Stay with me ya. Heh. =]

*Wanna see more on Seoul Garden? Drop by to this site :-

Saturday, November 3, 2007


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Sorry for the long wait on my latest post, been away from the blogging business for quite some time already. Just finished my exam few days ago and i'm having a 1 week break now which literally means i having a short holiday currently. I'm now back to the city of Kuala Lumpur again! Man, seriously miss this place after being thrown into the foot hill of Gunung Jerai for like, 2 months. It's a miracle that i've survived the ordeal AGAIN. Haha. Anyway, yeah i'm STILL editing some of the photos for the Penang trip which is supposed to be posted up in like 1 week ago? Sorry la, time contraint ma. So, the post will be up really really soon. For the time being, i'm taking a break with my old buddies here and also trying to plan a great trip for a few of my frens who's coming down all the way to KL for a short vacation. Till then, regards to all my Indians frens out there, Happy Deepavali man! For those who're currently on their summer holiday, happy holidays too! Take care! =]