Thursday, September 11, 2008


Have been back to AIMST for almost a week, settled down and managed to fork out all my notes from CA1 onwards. Sadly, do not have the motivation to start on anything yet. 9 week plus to go, 13 subjects to mug up! Guess this will be another stressful block. Sigh. Anyways, life's back to normal now. That is, eat sleep shit study lectures and the agenda repeats daily.

Updates, Qi Xian my ex foundation mate which has ranover to manipal India came over to visit and stayed over for few days. Time to catch up abit, they've finished their first year and yet we're still here struggling over for the finals. Oh, life. Have got used to this kinda lifestyle in sungai petani. Weather was good recently, at least. Nothing much. to those of my buddies who have gone abroad, good luck and take care! We've to keep in touch! Haha. Ta, for now. Pics will be up reli soon, too lazy to edit. Sorry! Haha. Ciao. ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Malaysia's political scene is such a joke. Before this it was Pak Lah and Anwar, now here comes the new Ahmad. Oh well, Sept 16 is coming. Let's just sit back, grab some popcorns and see who survives. It's gonna be real interesting, i think.


Nyways guys, am heading back to Sungai Petani soon. Check out my blog for my latest updates alright. Cheers! ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008


Oh well, it's 12 and guess what, i just woke up. Looks like today's gonna be another not-so-productive day for me. Oh, screw it. Haha. Anyways, attended Kathryn's sorta farewell dinner at Itallianies, Curve yest night. Joined few of em for a yamcha session latter at night at Laundry and Lotus. It was certainly great to meet up your old school buddies to catch up how's life and everything. Even we did recalled some of the stupid things we used to do during high school, great unforgettable memories. San Kin, Kar Zin, Wei June, Bryan, Yi Ting, Nim, Andrew, Steph Lim, Hui Ann, Nian King, Ken Chong and Wai Kwan was there. Few left after the dinner and few joined us for the yamcha later on till around 2.30am. This will also be the last time of me seeing Bryan, Kathryn and Nimalan as they'll be already be at UK during my next break.

Nimalan, my black buddy since high school. Dude, here comes your post la. Haha. This guys have always wanted me to post about him, no idea why la. My blog isn't that popular after all la weih, bro. Anyways, was really glad to have you in AIMST just few weeks ago. Really did not expect you to turn up as you were telling me how busy your "chiqs meeting" schedule were, thanks man. At least you've seen my campus for now. Will be there at Kings before you graduate if i've the time and the financial support. I promise. Accomodation all on you. ;) All the best in everything, and am sorry i can't be there at KLIA on the 9th to see you board. Safe journey and do keep me updated throught msn alright. (REPLY la when i message you) Good luck in London and may you get laid soon. Haha. JK.

Bryan. Ohhh this guy. I'll never forget you, trust me. Haha. Heading to Sheffield soon, wishing you the best of luck in everything including getting yourself a gf as soon as possible. Never wanna hear you rant when you're back to M'sia next year alright. Trust me la, the girls are the one who's gonna regret for not choosing you. But still, please don't get too desperate. Let the sequence flow by itself else you're gonna end up haywiring. Take care and do keep me updated from time to time as well. Would like to visit Sheffield if i've the time in the future, make sure you get familliar with that place before i come dude. Let's go clubbing! Haha.

And lastly, Kathryn. Haven't been seeing you for the past 2 years since graduating. Recalling how good we are during high school, kinda regretted for not keeping in touch with ya. Still, at least before you leave for uk i did managed to catch a few words with you. 19th, safe journey and take care alright. Wishing you good luck and i shall see you again when you're back for your summer break next year. Cheers.

As for the others, just an update for you guys. San Kin has gotten his PPL and frozen ATPL licence, which practically means that he can already fly a plane on his own. Currently on a long hols and shall return to Langkawi untill his instructor calls him. Haha. Yi Ting, my tailou! Has been accepted by RMIT, Melbourne and will be leaving after CNY early next year. Dude, luckily you're still here in PJ la weih. Next time yamcha. ;) Andrew Yu, IMU medicine year 2 and is stressed up. Ken Chong, UTAR applied maths. Wai Kwan, Pharmacy Year 2 Nottingham Uni. Hui Ann, Wei June leaving for Cardiff, UK soon for Law twinning prog and Steph Lim leaving for the states. Guess that's all for now, will keep you guys updated. Currently these are the few i've meet up. And my hols has come to it's end, and will be back to the land of paddy fields this Sunday. To those who're leaving for better, best of luck once again! As for my batchmates, will see you guys back in the campus in another few days time. Take care and have fun! Keep an eye on this blog, will update once i've got the free time. Ta. ;)

P.s. : One more mint plus to go! ;) Hehe.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008



OMG, did not realised that it has been a freaking 5 months since i last posted! My blog is almost dead as i can feel and see. Am really really sorry to those who keeps on checking out my blog from time to time hoping for an update, tho they know the chances are slim. Sorry to have disappoint you guys, really. Reasons for being not updating is cause of the excessive amount of studies and exams i have to go through all these while. (Also to add on, the super lousy connection in my campus) That is why, i guess people say Medicine is crazy. It is indeed crazy. Have gone through 3 exams and 2 more coming up soon, one more continuous accessment and the final Professional Exam I that will determine if i could proceed on to year 2! Oh god, i've gotta buck up. Studies studies studies. Will still keep this blog active anyways, at least to release my rants about my life as a medical student. How i keep my "happening" life going etc. Time flies, first year is about to come to it's end. Many things have happened throughout the year of my life in uni. I guess i'm in the right field, totally no regrets, at least for now. Life has been good to me, to those who cares about me and my life. I'm really sorry again, will keep you guys updated from time to time alright. Am currently back to Petaling Jaya for a short one week hols, to those who are interested to meet up, just leave me a message or sms if you have my contact! Take care there! Will be updating soon again, omg so many stuffs to update! Stay tuned.

Just some random pics, more to come up soon.




Ta, for now. ;)