Thursday, September 11, 2008


Have been back to AIMST for almost a week, settled down and managed to fork out all my notes from CA1 onwards. Sadly, do not have the motivation to start on anything yet. 9 week plus to go, 13 subjects to mug up! Guess this will be another stressful block. Sigh. Anyways, life's back to normal now. That is, eat sleep shit study lectures and the agenda repeats daily.

Updates, Qi Xian my ex foundation mate which has ranover to manipal India came over to visit and stayed over for few days. Time to catch up abit, they've finished their first year and yet we're still here struggling over for the finals. Oh, life. Have got used to this kinda lifestyle in sungai petani. Weather was good recently, at least. Nothing much. to those of my buddies who have gone abroad, good luck and take care! We've to keep in touch! Haha. Ta, for now. Pics will be up reli soon, too lazy to edit. Sorry! Haha. Ciao. ;)


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