Monday, January 5, 2009



Oh well, it's been decades. I know i have not been updating, i'm sorry. Do not know if i should continue blogging anyways. Haha. This post is however to update my friends and family who has been following my blog everyday to check on my current updates. I'm sorry to dissapoint you guys alright. My bad.

So, these are my recent updates:
1. I'm attached!
2. I practically passed my first year, with the chance to present myself in both MCBM and HBM's D viva. Oh god, one leap closer to become a full fledge doctor. Phew!
3. Mamma Mia! The Musical. It was a random call and i got the tickets. Truly enjoyed the show. ABBA rocks!
4. I'm on holidays untill the end of CNY! So, call me out you if you're desperate to see me! LOL.

Nice day, people! ;) To those who're currently on hols, wishing you guys happy holidays! While for those who're still cramming themselves with books and notes, strive hard and you shall have no regrets in the future! Ciao.


Replies from chatbox.

flyingspirit : Dude, thanks! You've gotta help me when i'm in. Haha. All the best on your CNS too! Good day! ;)

Prince : Thanks for liking my blog, but i do not update it often. Lol. My fault.

zihui : Heyyyy, haven seen you for sometime. Anyways, happy holidays and merry belated christmas too! ;)

Xiao Ni : Yup, my hols are till Feb 2nd. Heyy, cheer up alright! No worries, as long as you manage to enter the course you like. You'll reach the stage that makes you think that time does not matter, interests do. All the best and enjoy your hols alright! Goodluck! :)