Friday, September 28, 2007


(72mm, F5.0, 1/8, ISO 200, -0.3)
Have been kind of busy these days with lectures and assignments, but life's still great here. This's gonna be a very boring post i guess. So, have you guys ever wondered how's life as a medical student? Like what my Microbiology lecturer, Dr Sidhu said, "Life sucks, tough, shit! " ? Well, it's just the matter whether you've enjoyed it or not. Haha. Just a little bit of introduction on the subjects i'll be learning thoughout my 2 years of pre-clinical medical studies in this post. FYI, the whole MBBS programme will takes about 5 years where the first 2 years we study on pre-clinical sciences and the remaining 3 years on clinical studies where we have go for practical training eg. surgery through hospital attachments.

Anatomy: Primarily the scientific study of the morphology of the adult human body.
Histology: The study of tissue sectioned as a thin slice, using a microtome. It can be described as microscopic anatomy.
Pathology: study and diagnosis of disease through examination of organs, tissues, cells and bodily fluids.
Embryology: The study of the development of an embryo. An embryo is defined as any vertebrate in a stage before birth or hatching.
Physiology: Study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of a human body.
Biochemistry: The study of the chemical processes in a human body.
Microbiology: Study of microorganisms, which are unicellular or cell-cluster microscopic organisms.
Virology: Considered a part of microbiology or of pathology, is the study of biological viruses and virus-like agents: their structure and classification, their ways to infect and exploit cells for virus reproduction, the diseases they cause, the techniques to isolate and culture them, and their potential uses in research and therapy.
Parasitology: Study of parasites, their hosts, and the relationship between them.
Immunology: Broad branch of biomedical science that covers the study of all aspects of the immune system in all organisms.
Epidemiology: Study of factors affecting the health and illness of populations, and serves as the foundation and logic of interventions made in the interest of public health and preventive medicine.
Anthropology: Study of humanity, medical ethics etc.
Hematology: branch of physiology, pathology, clinical laboratory, internal medicine, and pediatrics that is concerned with the study of blood, the blood-forming organs, and blood diseases.
Pharmacology: Study of how drugs interact with living organisms to produce a change in function.

OMG. I just realised that theres still so many of them which i can't think of now. It's only for a merely 2 years of pre-clinical studies! We still have radiology, cardiology, anaesthesiology, neurology, gynaecology, gastroenterology, opthamology etc etc going on for our remaining 3 years of clinical studies! Ahhh. The reason we studied so much? It is to save lives and to contribute to the society. Life won't be as easy as the past anymore. Sigh. So, cool doctors also study hard one a'rite? Haha.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Time flies. It's been a week since i've been here at AIMST. Some highlights throughout the week; i've got to know almost all of the lecturers that will be guiding me throughout my medical studies, it's Professor Dr. Sanyal that i liked the most. He will be lecturing us on human anatomy for the upcoming 2 years of pre-clinical studies. Originated from Calcutta, India, he has been widely known as the "walking anatomy dictionary" in Kasturba Medical College which is owned by Manipal in India. He has gave us a really good inroduction on the lifes of a doctor which has inspired me more to become one. It seems that a human body is so amazing that each and every single cells or bone segments in our body has it's own function and importance. Without any of them, our body system will just go haywire. Therefore in the subject anatomy, we studied on the structure of each and every cells and organs in the human body. A really interesting and challenging subject i'd say.

Another highlight of the week is that we've successfully and SAFELY went through the official batch 13 MBBS senior orientation organised by our beloved batch 9 seniors, which currently has just started their 3rd year in the programme. It's been a really great orientation really. Instead of ragging, they called it an "icebreaking" session. We were made to wear like beggars, face drawn, going through several station games where we have to run and scream around the campus, arranging and acting in drama scenes etc. And at the end of the day, we were showed the video compiled by themselves on their life as a medical student. I personally liked the quote "Doctors do not just study study and study..." which is later followed by "They can really happening too!". Yeah man! To those who has the wrong perception that doctors are those people who always burry themselves under the books, you're wrong! We can be happening too. Heh. Well, to any of the batch 9 seniors who have accidentally went through my blog. I'd say that you guys have really done a great job on organising our orientation programme. It does served it purpose to get to know you guys, which i guess will benefits us more in the future if we do need any help in our studies. All the best to you guys too! It's a pleasure to have joined you guys in the medical community in AIMST. You guys are really one whole batch of cool doctors! =)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Man, I'm back here at AIMST again! Much more improvements this time. We've got a convenience store that sells almost everything, a bookstore which looks slightly nicer than any Popular Bookshop you can find, an acceptable hair saloon and of course, there's Internet connection now! Everything is new here at our recently launched ultra modern campus, i'd say that i'm quite satisfy with it. Well, a new life now as i'm taking on to the MBBS programme, which literally stands for the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. I wonder if it's a double degree because there 2 "Bachelor" in it. Haha. Another 5 more years to go. Anyway, just some updates, i'm currently taking 9 subjects for my pre-MBBS which includes the ever-boring Malaysian Studies, World Religions, Moral Studies, EGAP, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Microbiology and Pathology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology.

Birds eye view of the campus from my room.

Well, guys hostel. You know lah.

My workdesk.

Well, classes are still quite relaxing now. From what i've heard from the seniors, the stress will gradually build up for the years to come. Anyway, i guess i've prepared. Here i come once again, MBBS! Goodnight! =)

Friday, September 14, 2007


It's been a while since i've made my last post here. Sorry guys i've broke the promise to give you guys an update soon but never made it, was really busy throughout the last 2 weeks. My 3 months long holiday have marked it's end and i'm busy doing some last minute packing up. Will be leaving Kuala Lumpur in like 24 hours time. It's some kind of a mixed emotion i'd say, partly sad because i'm leaving my home and friends and also abit of happiness and eargerness to try out my new life as a medical student. Just can't wait to start my walk of life to become a doctor. It's a really long journey which will probably take up to 5 years, but i do have the feeling that i'll enjoy every single bits of it because i guess my passion is there? Lets just hope that everything will go on well, i won't want to fail my paper and retain for another academic year. And also, lets hope that i'll not turn into a nerd nor a geek in 5 years time. I wish to become a whacky yet dedicated and professional doctor! Heh. Guess that's for all now as i'm still busy with my preparation, just some little updates on myself for you guys. And of course, I'll try my very very best to get connected to you guys through this blog with post on life of a medical student really soon once i've settled down with everything over there.


A brief introduction of AIMST through some pictures that i've taken during my foundation years.

The main administration building.


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Swimming pool and indoor sport arena.


Till then, take care guys! Well, AIMST! Here i come~! =D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Wanna check out more on scuba diving?
Do tune in into 8TV's Trippin' at 9.30pm tonight!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Back from Genting. I'll update my blog really soon. I promise! =)

Friday, September 7, 2007


Random picture of the day! Heh.


I named this picture Spirituality.


Taken during my vacation to Sarawak a few months ago. Captured near the great hall of Ching San Yen Temple or famously known as the Muara Tebas Temple. A little description on that place, it's built 200 years ago and occupies an ancient site. It's a place where travellers gave thanks after safely crossing the South China Sea. Muara Tebas has been a fishing and trading village for centuries. The host deity of the temple is Buddha Shakyamuni. Other deities include Sea Goddess Macho.

The edits i've made? Some unsaturation on the centre of the picture, shadow and highlight, abit of exposure manipulation and some other random edits. The main subject of this picture however, is the man kneeling towards the altar. It is to show the sincerity and the spiritually of a modern man. Comments and critiques are welcomed as i'm not a pro in photoshop-ing yet. Heh.


As to all my readers, have a great weekend there! Adios.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


It's going to be a totally different experience for today's post, i'm going to talk abit on scuba diving. I've wanted to write on this topic since i was back from Redang but couldn't really do it cause i was still working. Till recently, after i quit my job i've done some research on it.

A little bit of introduction before i go on any further.

You'll probably be asking, what's scuba diving? If i were to define it, it'll be swimming underwater while using self-contained breathing equipment. It's a really adventurous and challenging hobby i'd say. Before one wants to proceed to any leisure diving, he/she will have to take up the diving course which ranges from beginner to advance diver from a list international diving agency. In Malaysia, the more popular ones are PADI, NAUI, SSI and SDI. However, personally i like PADI more. PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving International, if i'm not wrong. For beginner courses, they offer the Open Water Diving (OWD) course which will cost around RM1k+ . Upon completion of the OWD, one will then be a certified open water diver, which means that they can start diving at the open sea till the maximum depth of 18 metres. During the course, they need to go for theory classes, some confined and open water dives and of course not to forget, exams. After the OWD, they can opt for the Advance OWD course which after that, they will be able to dive at the maximum depth of 30 metres

The course structure of PADI.

For me, I've tried the Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) before at Redang a few months ago. A truly amazing experience I'd say tho it's abit scary.

When i first signed up the course, i was asked to sign this form which says that if anything were to happened to me, PADI will not be responsible for my death, i was already abit freaked out. Then, i was brought into the "classroom" where i was asked to watch this PADI DSD video before proceeding for any dives. The video, was really scary. Guess what's the first thing my instructor showed me from the video? "3 types of method that can cause death while diving". Sigh. It seems that a diver can die from drowning, lung expansion injury and underwater accident. After watching it, i was thinking if i should just leave the classroom and forget all about diving. But nah, since I've already thrown in 150 bucks for it. Later on which i also learnt about all the gears needed and some basic skills for safe diving. All these, which includes equalizing the pressure underwater, mask clearing, purging, a little bit on buoyancy and some underwater hand signals. I was then told by my instructor that if anything happens underwater while diving, i will have to settle it underwater first. I'm only allowed to go back to the surface of the sea if the problem has gone worst. Man! What kind of crap is this? So i asked, Does that mean that even if i drowned and was about to die, i have to settle it underwater first? My instructor answered me yes, with a serious tone. Thought of changing another instructor but nah, it didn't happen cause there's insufficient instructor for that day.

Ok, after all the classroom crap, he decided to bring me for my first dive. After having geared up, i looked something like this. Except that i'm a guy.

Before i go for some serious dives, i was asked to perform the few techniques I've learn from the classroom under the water. Everything was okay except for the purging thing, where i need to purge my oxygen regulator if i accidentally drop it from my mouth while diving. After several tries, i finally got it right.

It was something like this when i perform all the techniques I've learnt.

After getting everything done, there i go! My very first dive of my life. The feeling was indescribable. It feels so relaxed underwater, with the water so warm and clear. I've never felt so secured in my life before. The underwater world was really great. Managed to see alot of pretty fishes and beautiful corals. One thing i realised when i was diving, the fishes treated me as if i'm one of their family too. I guess they just have the thoughts that anything that swims under the sea are part of their family. A few little anchovies even accidentally banged into my earholes while they were swimming as if they didn't know that i can actually eat them up. The experience was a truly unforgettable one. At that time i was regretting why didn't i get a underwater camera before heading to Redang. Well, the dive lasted for about 45 minutes untill my tank ran out of oxygen. It was an amazing and awesome dive as i managed to see a seaturtle, clownfish and also moray eels. From what i heard from my instructor, not every one can be as lucky as me to spot any seaturtles and moral eels underwater.

Right after my first discovery dive, i've made up my mind that one day, before i graduate as a doctor, i will definitely get my open water diving course done. To me live is just short and we should experience everything as we can before getting too old for them.

So, for any divers that have gone thru my page, do drop by me some details and comments on the OWD courses if you've known any of them. Thanks alot! For the time being, I hope i've brought up some interest on diving for you guys. Cheers!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Once, there was a very kind old barber
in New York .

One day, a florist goes to him for a
haircut. After the cut, he pays the
barber but the barber replies: "I am
sorry. I cannot accept money from you.
I am doing community service." The
florist is happy and leaves the shop.

The next morning when the barber goes
to open his shop, there is a thank
you card and a dozen roses waiting
at his door.

A policeman goes for a haircut and he
also pays the barber after the cut.
But the barber replies: "I am sorry. I
cannot accept money from you. I
am doing community service." The cop is
happy and leaves the shop.

The next morning when the barber opens
his shop, there is a thank you card and
a dozen donuts waiting at his door.

A Malaysian software engineer goes for
a haircut and he also pays the
barber after the cut. And the barber
says: "I am sorry. I cannot accept
money from you. I am doing community
The Malaysian software engineer is
happy and leaves.

The next morning when the barber goes
open his shop, guess what he finds

Think like a Malaysian...

a dozen Malaysians waiting for a free
haircut !

(Malaysia Boleh!)

Saturday, September 1, 2007


The Merdeka celebration is over, yet the fever is still on around the city. Well, Malaysians are just patriotic, don't deny it. Heh. Anyway! I'm back with more pics on the Golden Merdeka Celebration at Ikano Powercentre on Merdeka eves.

So what did you guys do on the night before Tunku shouted "Merdeka!" 7 times on the same day, 50 years ago? I was at Ikano celebrating my first Merdeka event after 19 years living in Malaysia.

Had our dinner at Curve's The Apartment. The food was okay but the ambience's really good. I mean like they seriously design the place to make it look like an apartment. There's a even a balcony inside the restaurant. We were sitting next to the shower head, it's non functional by the way. Sigh.

The concert started at around 9pm. Vince was the first one to sing, followed by Zainal Abidin, Fish Leong, Juwita Suwito and Reshmonu towards end of the concert right before the clock strikes 12. I personally feel that Juwita's singing is the best, she was the vocal instructor behind the scene on Malaysian Idol, did you know? The emcee of the night was Serena C, and guess what? She can speak good mandarin man! Hah.

At 12am sharp, the skies were setted ablaze with the spectacular and awesome fireworks. The choreography of the fireworks were really impressive. Each and every bits of the shot followed the rhythm of the music played on the stage. It started off with abit of agressive rhythm which slowly turned into a slower and lighter rhythm. I was pretty amazed with the set of firework display when it lasted for like 12 minutes. I wonder how much will it cost tho.

A few pictures i've taken with my D900i to share with you guys.

DJ Jakesman and Skeletor and Deejays from continues to rock and spin the crowds and party-goers till 2am after the firework display ends. Lots of trance and mixed R&B tracks.

Just a little preview on the atmosphere of the party on that night. Please be aware that i'm not a good videoman.

Perhaps this is one of the most happening merdeka party i've ever gone to. So much more different from the celebration at Stadium Merdeka 50 years ago. It's seriously worth the time and effort we spend in the car waiting for the terrible jam to ease in the carpark after the party.

Well done Ikano and happy belated Merdeka once again guys!