Saturday, September 22, 2007


Time flies. It's been a week since i've been here at AIMST. Some highlights throughout the week; i've got to know almost all of the lecturers that will be guiding me throughout my medical studies, it's Professor Dr. Sanyal that i liked the most. He will be lecturing us on human anatomy for the upcoming 2 years of pre-clinical studies. Originated from Calcutta, India, he has been widely known as the "walking anatomy dictionary" in Kasturba Medical College which is owned by Manipal in India. He has gave us a really good inroduction on the lifes of a doctor which has inspired me more to become one. It seems that a human body is so amazing that each and every single cells or bone segments in our body has it's own function and importance. Without any of them, our body system will just go haywire. Therefore in the subject anatomy, we studied on the structure of each and every cells and organs in the human body. A really interesting and challenging subject i'd say.

Another highlight of the week is that we've successfully and SAFELY went through the official batch 13 MBBS senior orientation organised by our beloved batch 9 seniors, which currently has just started their 3rd year in the programme. It's been a really great orientation really. Instead of ragging, they called it an "icebreaking" session. We were made to wear like beggars, face drawn, going through several station games where we have to run and scream around the campus, arranging and acting in drama scenes etc. And at the end of the day, we were showed the video compiled by themselves on their life as a medical student. I personally liked the quote "Doctors do not just study study and study..." which is later followed by "They can really happening too!". Yeah man! To those who has the wrong perception that doctors are those people who always burry themselves under the books, you're wrong! We can be happening too. Heh. Well, to any of the batch 9 seniors who have accidentally went through my blog. I'd say that you guys have really done a great job on organising our orientation programme. It does served it purpose to get to know you guys, which i guess will benefits us more in the future if we do need any help in our studies. All the best to you guys too! It's a pleasure to have joined you guys in the medical community in AIMST. You guys are really one whole batch of cool doctors! =)


Anonymous said...

as your batctmate,certainly i will agree with you...but the question is 'how cool is consider cool?' does image play an important role on that determination of a doctor's life. Recently, i just had a debate about the image of a doc with another batchmate.we had an unfinished continuous bettle. and, i really fed up with it. oop...pls dont tell him.haha..
And,i found something interesting and i quote this "Doctors do not just study,study and study". this really means COOL.And i strongly believe that although the process being a doc is a bit tough but as you are moving along,do take a smile with you always. And everything seems colourful to you.All the best.13th batch rulezzzz!

Princess Eileen said...

Haha, I have yet to date a guy who works as a doctor and some more cool? :P Wakaka.. just kidding.

Ok, we get your point, Shaun. You wanna be the ultimate cool doctor right? :P

SHAUN NG said...

anonymous> KENNY LIM! hahaha! thanks for the darn long comment! Long live batch 13 man!! WE ROCKS! =)

Princess eileen> Hahaha!! Alright! We'll see if i can still remain my coolness after 5 years. LOL. And yeah! I wanna be different. XD