Friday, September 14, 2007


It's been a while since i've made my last post here. Sorry guys i've broke the promise to give you guys an update soon but never made it, was really busy throughout the last 2 weeks. My 3 months long holiday have marked it's end and i'm busy doing some last minute packing up. Will be leaving Kuala Lumpur in like 24 hours time. It's some kind of a mixed emotion i'd say, partly sad because i'm leaving my home and friends and also abit of happiness and eargerness to try out my new life as a medical student. Just can't wait to start my walk of life to become a doctor. It's a really long journey which will probably take up to 5 years, but i do have the feeling that i'll enjoy every single bits of it because i guess my passion is there? Lets just hope that everything will go on well, i won't want to fail my paper and retain for another academic year. And also, lets hope that i'll not turn into a nerd nor a geek in 5 years time. I wish to become a whacky yet dedicated and professional doctor! Heh. Guess that's for all now as i'm still busy with my preparation, just some little updates on myself for you guys. And of course, I'll try my very very best to get connected to you guys through this blog with post on life of a medical student really soon once i've settled down with everything over there.


A brief introduction of AIMST through some pictures that i've taken during my foundation years.

The main administration building.


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Swimming pool and indoor sport arena.


Till then, take care guys! Well, AIMST! Here i come~! =D


Princess Eileen said...

"whacky yet dedicated and professional doctor!" I like this... Hehe, make sure you make it!!! A kind reminder to give me free consultations and charge me on the cost fees :P I also "warn" Kenneth. Wakakaka....

My friend who is a doctor seems to be able to do "whacky yet dedicated and professional doctor!". I am sure you can.... DUN BE NERDY!!! Else, I disown you (this sounds so wrong). hahaha... Good luck for the new beginning!

SHAUN NG said...

Hahaha! Alright, trying my best. No probs, if i can graduate then it'll be free for you. If i cant't graduate, dun tink you will even come and find me. Haha! Kenneth, i've met that guy. It's a reunion. Anyway, NOOO! NO NERDS!! dun wry. I wun let you disown me. Hahaha.. Thanks man! XD

Princess Eileen said...

Ok, recording this down. Black & White. After 5 years later, I gonna have free doctor visits & free flows of MC... WAKAKAKAKAKA... Shaun, I "love" you!!!

Anyway, really good luck to you! It will be a long & hard journey, but I know you can make it!

SHAUN NG said...

Haha! Alright! Thanks you! In 5 years time, I'll graduate. Haha. =)