Saturday, September 1, 2007


The Merdeka celebration is over, yet the fever is still on around the city. Well, Malaysians are just patriotic, don't deny it. Heh. Anyway! I'm back with more pics on the Golden Merdeka Celebration at Ikano Powercentre on Merdeka eves.

So what did you guys do on the night before Tunku shouted "Merdeka!" 7 times on the same day, 50 years ago? I was at Ikano celebrating my first Merdeka event after 19 years living in Malaysia.

Had our dinner at Curve's The Apartment. The food was okay but the ambience's really good. I mean like they seriously design the place to make it look like an apartment. There's a even a balcony inside the restaurant. We were sitting next to the shower head, it's non functional by the way. Sigh.

The concert started at around 9pm. Vince was the first one to sing, followed by Zainal Abidin, Fish Leong, Juwita Suwito and Reshmonu towards end of the concert right before the clock strikes 12. I personally feel that Juwita's singing is the best, she was the vocal instructor behind the scene on Malaysian Idol, did you know? The emcee of the night was Serena C, and guess what? She can speak good mandarin man! Hah.

At 12am sharp, the skies were setted ablaze with the spectacular and awesome fireworks. The choreography of the fireworks were really impressive. Each and every bits of the shot followed the rhythm of the music played on the stage. It started off with abit of agressive rhythm which slowly turned into a slower and lighter rhythm. I was pretty amazed with the set of firework display when it lasted for like 12 minutes. I wonder how much will it cost tho.

A few pictures i've taken with my D900i to share with you guys.

DJ Jakesman and Skeletor and Deejays from continues to rock and spin the crowds and party-goers till 2am after the firework display ends. Lots of trance and mixed R&B tracks.

Just a little preview on the atmosphere of the party on that night. Please be aware that i'm not a good videoman.

Perhaps this is one of the most happening merdeka party i've ever gone to. So much more different from the celebration at Stadium Merdeka 50 years ago. It's seriously worth the time and effort we spend in the car waiting for the terrible jam to ease in the carpark after the party.

Well done Ikano and happy belated Merdeka once again guys!


Princess Eileen said...

You took some real great pics of the fireworks. Hehe I was in the curve on the 2nd day, stayed at home on the 30rd of merdeka. Anyway, happy belated merdeka to you, Shaun!

SHAUN NG said...

Hey thanks! hahaa. It's after some edits i've made to make it look more exposed. They were having this grilling party at the curve for the second day. Anyway happy belated merdeka to you too!