Saturday, November 3, 2007


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Sorry for the long wait on my latest post, been away from the blogging business for quite some time already. Just finished my exam few days ago and i'm having a 1 week break now which literally means i having a short holiday currently. I'm now back to the city of Kuala Lumpur again! Man, seriously miss this place after being thrown into the foot hill of Gunung Jerai for like, 2 months. It's a miracle that i've survived the ordeal AGAIN. Haha. Anyway, yeah i'm STILL editing some of the photos for the Penang trip which is supposed to be posted up in like 1 week ago? Sorry la, time contraint ma. So, the post will be up really really soon. For the time being, i'm taking a break with my old buddies here and also trying to plan a great trip for a few of my frens who's coming down all the way to KL for a short vacation. Till then, regards to all my Indians frens out there, Happy Deepavali man! For those who're currently on their summer holiday, happy holidays too! Take care! =]

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