Tuesday, February 5, 2008



Yo guys! Sorry for the late update again, just got back from Genting on Sunday. Had a great stay there at First World, i'd say that i seriously like their weather over there. Well, at least it is much better than our overpopulated and polluted city of Kuala Lumpur. Anyways, didn't take much picture this time as i was truly enjoying the whole trip. These are the few shots that i find it unique. Mostly composed diagonally. Enjoy!

Genting Skyway Platform.

Climbing uphill. Love the mists!

Going downhill.

Silhouette of the cable suspension tower. My favourite pic of the day.

Outdoor theme park.

First World Lobby entrance.


And guess what? I'm only 3 days away from my Tokyo, Japan trip! And it's snowing over there! I'm sooooo looking forward to it! 6 days 5 nights, this is the itinerary given by the tour agency. Anyone who has gone there before, please do leave a comment or two on things/stuffs that i should pay attention to/ bring over during my trip. Thanks alot in advance!

Visa of the "Land of the Rising Sun".


Day 1 - Arrival at NRT airport at 8pm, proceed to Narita Tokyu Hotel for rest.
Day 2 - Tokyo City Tour - Asakusa Kannon Temple - Nakamise Shopping Street - National Diet Building and Imperial Palace - Ginza Shopping Area
Day 3 - Mt Fuji - Hakone - Izu National Park - Owakudani Boiling valley - Lake Ashi - Proceed to Japanese style hotel and dinner.
Day 4 - Fujiten Ski Resort - Yokohama - ChinaTown - Check in for Yokohama Hotel for rest.
Day 5 - Tokyo Disneyland - Return Narita to check in hotel.
Day 6 - Flight back to KUL.

Yokoso Tokyu Japan!


I'm leaving for my hometown at Muar early in the morning tomorrow! So to all my chinese friends, wishing you guys a really happy and prosperous Chinese New Year! While to the others, Happy Holidays! Drive safely on the road and Gong Xi Fa Cai! For the girls, look out for your weights! xDD Will try to update my blog if possible throughout my Japan trip! Till then, take care guys people! Have fun during this festive seasons!



LingDi said...

Nice pictures..

I had been to Nagasaki and Hiroshima but not Tokyo. I stayed in Japan for a month back in 2006. A really good place to go to. In fact, the people there are really friendly and kind. Unlike some here. Haha.. I guess you'll just have to bring more winter clothes there. You can get the small hot packets to keep warm. Not expensive. My suggestions: Eat, eat, eat and shop, shop, shop. The food there are really yummy and healthy. My friends told me I looked like I had lost weight when I came back from Jap. ^_^

RuRu Jane~ said...

Wooooo.. by this moment, you are just near to me in the neighbour country where I am now.. haha

Next time come here, ok?

I bring you go kai kai.. LOL

I am leaving in less than 12 hours. haha..

I will be back on the 16th :P

Hanafi Mohd Noor said...

Hi orang muar....happy cny.

SHAUN NG said...

lingdi > Thanks lingdi for the kind advice, Japan seriously rocks mann! Love the food and everything. =))

ruru jane > Yo Jane! Hahahaa. Well, next time if i've got the money to visit Korea, make sure you bring me around mann!! Hoped u enjoyed ur shanghai trip too. =]

hanafi > Thanks dude, orang muar too? hehe.