Sunday, June 10, 2007


I'm back!

Well, I've been back from Terengganu since Friday but was still kind of lazy to upload my pics to my laptop.

So for the meantime i'll just blog abit about the days after i'm back to PJ..
Well, basically it's just all about sleeping and resting.

It was really exhausting after coming back from a week-long vacation at a beach.
Do stay with me for the pictures at the isle of Redang.

My dad went thru the newspaper and found out theres this International Magic Festival going on in Subang Parade.. So it was his suggestion that we'll have our dinner there and at the same time, to have a look at the magic performance by magicians all around the world..

It has been a year since i last been to Subang Parade, all this while i've thought that it was a shopping complex in PJ that's near to edge of closing down.


Right after i stepped into the complex, i was like..

" Wahlaoeh.. Since when Subang Parade became like this already? "

Yeah, it has changed quite alot in terms of their layouts and the shoplots in it..

Had dinner @ Kenny Roger's
Front view of Subang Parade.

Back view of Subang Parade.

The crowds at the International Magic Festival.


It has only been a year and so many things have changed here..

Even the MPPJ Majlis Pembandaran Petaling Jaya has became MBPJ Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya..

From a small district in the 1980s, PJ has now became a developed city with a whopping 600,000 inhabitants..

Who wouldn't be proud staying in a place like this?

MBPJ's Logo

The olden days of PJ

The modern city of Petaling Jaya!

Man.. I just loved my hometown! =)

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