Thursday, June 14, 2007



It has been quite some time since i promised to blog on my holidays at Redang Island.

Well, Here's how it goes.

The itinerary of my journey to the island far away from the world of reality.



Started our journey to the city of Kuala Terengganu from Cherating beach, Kuantan (where we spent our night) at around 5am, my eyes were still closing during the way there. Duh~ Its darn early man..

Along the coast to Terengganu, i was actually quite impressed by the cleanliness of the roads. All this while i've thought Terengganu as a spooky place with papers flying around. But well, i was wrong. It was indeed a nice place to stay if you're someone that will opt for a peaceful and serene environment.

After a 3 hrs drive, we finally touched down on the city of Kuala Terengganu. Its a well developed city and as i said ealier, an extremely clean city. Perhaps one of the cleanest CITY i've ever seen. We then head for Shahbandar Jetty.

Along the beach at Cherating Beach, Kuantan.

The Palace of Sultan at Kuala Terengganu. 8.30am.

The peaceful town of KT. 8.31am.

The Shahbandar Jetty at KT. 8.35am.

A scenic view of the jetty's bridge. 9.04am.

Cuti-cuti MALAYSIA~ 9.45am.

My dad and me looking blur on the ferry. 10.22am.


Our ferry landed on the big blue bay of Redang sharp at 11.20am. Guess whats the first words that comes out from my mouth when i first saw the beautiful clear sea of Redang?



A view from the ferry. Doesn't look as impressive how i describe huh? 11.25am.

How about this? Took it on the water shuttle bus. 11.30am.

Look how clear is the water. You can actually spot some corals if you look carefully into it. 11.39am.

The serene view from the hotel lobby. Redang Beach Resort. 12.00pm


While we were stepping onto the long stretch of sandy shoreline, a few unsherettes assist us to the hotel lobby for check-in. Keys were then handed to us at 12.30pm.

Super Quad 5 in 1 room. Haha. 12.45pm.

After unloading our stuffs. We went to the New Canteen (lousiest name i've ever heard for a hotel in-house restaurant) for lunch. 1.30pm.


An unique signboard in front of the resort. 2.15pm.


At 3pm. We proceed to our first snorkelling trip to Tanjung Tengah snorkelling site.

Too bad i haven't gotten myself a waterproof camera. Missed so many great chances of taking photos underwater. Sigh. Damm wasted.


Basically what you need when you snorkel is a life jacket, a snorkel mask and fins, if you know how to control your own buoyancy in the water.

So this is actually how snorkelling looks like, you don't have to be a swimmer to snorkel. The life jacket will eventually make you float and what you need to do is just to put on your mask, look under the sea and kick with your leg in an up and down manner.

Well in Tanjung Tengah, you will be able to see baby black tip sharks, schooling needlefish, a few turtles (if you're lucky), squids, an orange-striped triggerfish (aggressive when protecting its nest and attacks on divers and snorkellers are not uncommon. We were asked to keep our distance away), resident barracuda and the other common reef fishes.

An ugly Triggerfish. BEWARE.

I can bet with you that once you snorkel, you will want another one VERY badly after that.


After the snorkelling trip, it was already like 5.30pm. We followed the boat transfer back from Tanjung Tengah to Pasir Panjang aka. Long Beach.

Well, after that as usual, beachwalk along the long white sandy seashore and some swimming.

Dinner at 7.30pm.


So there goes a day.

One tiring but awesome day at the beautiful Redang archipelago.

Will be posting more photos on Day Two && Three soon.

So do stay with me! =]


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