Tuesday, December 11, 2007


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Since my exam's coming in a few days time, i'll be taking a short 1 week break here. During these time which i will be fully concentrating on my studies and solving some little stuffs which if not solved, will complicate my life here later on. Never like this kind of feeling especially during my study week. Sigh. Anyway! It's not really that serious, i was just blabbing for the sake of blabbing. So, just forget about what i've said. Heh. And oh yeah, great news! Guess what? I'm going to Tokyo, Japan for my holidays on February! Woo yeah! Well, bet you guys know that Tokyo practically means gadgets, sashimis, cars and chicks! Can't wait to snap lotsa photos and post em' all here. Haha.

So yeah, i'll be back to the blogosphere soon. In the meantime, if you guys have any questions or comments on my post or whatsover, just leave it in the comment box beside my blog. I'll check on it from time to time and reply on them. So for the time being, take care and, wish me luck for my exams. *Though i only need 50% to pass them.* Haha! Cheers. =]


roken said...

take five! yeah me, too.
by the way, i'm interested in your unsolving little tiny mini matter.haha...what's it all about? why you have lots of things to overcome one. what a bus chap.tell me as time approach!all the best to you and me.haha.........cya.

SHAUN NG said...

Haha. Will let you know when time comes, for the time being chill man. Better freaing concentrate on our studies, no more AOE3. You know wad i mean. haha. All de best man, bro. =]