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Okay, i guess you guys have had enough on AIMST? Since the last few post was purely on my beloved university. Haha. Now, it's time to get back to some serious blogging.
As from the title of the post, probably many would have guessed what i'll be writing about in this post. It might somehow be damn boring but i feel that stress management is something each and every homosapiens need to be aware of. I've been a medical student myself and i know what is this all about, from looking at seniors having mental breakdowns to stealing things due to study pressures, stress is definitely something that needs lot of attentions and efforts to cope with. Not only medical students, nowadays even a UPSR or maybe a PMR student can be on the verge of breaking down due to studies stress and pressure from parents. While writing this, i'm trying to create an awareness towards the society which is oftenly full of pressures and threatening situations. Most of the information here were taken from the lecture notes for the subject Anthropology by Dr. Ku Ruslan, which is the Consultant Psychiatrist from Metro Specialist Hospital, Sungai Petani.

What is stress? Stress is what you experience when you believe you cannot cope effectively with threatening situations

How it started?
- Fight or flight response
- Dramatic series of physiological changes that readies for a life threatening emergency.
- Surviving in the modern jungle.

The ABCs of stress
- A ctivating event on potentially stressful situation
- B eliefs, thoughts or perceptions about A
- C is emotional consequences or stress that results from holding these beliefs.

In other words:
A potentially stressful situation --> your perceptions --> your stress

How it affects us?
- Muscle spasm
- Cardiovascular effects
- Gastrointestinal effects
- Impaired immune systems

Stress can be good?
- Stress is the spice of life – Hans Selye
- Eustress
- Distress

Coming up next, the Signs and Symptoms of Stress. This is something you guys really need to be aware of.

- Physical signs of stress
] Fatigue, lethargy
] Palpitations of the heart, shallow breathing
] Muscle tension and aches
] Tremors, shakiness
] Heartburn, indigestion
] Dry mouth and throat
] Excessive sweating, clammy hand
] Rashes, hives, itching
] Frequent urination
] Lowered libido
] Over eating, loss of appetite
] Sleep difficulties
] Increased used of alcohol, drugs, medication
] fidgeting

- Psychological sign of stress
] Irritability, impatience, anger, hostility
] Worry, anxiety, panic
] Moody, sadness, feeling upset
] Intrusive, racing thoughts
] Poor concentration, indecision, memory lapse
] Lowered productivity, frequent MC
] Feeling overwhelmed
] Loss of sense of humor

Identifying the Effects of Stress
- Affect the health
- Negatively affecting friendship
- Hurting marriages
- Impaired performance at work
- Job stress is estimated to cost American Industry $200-300 billion annually

Source of Stress
- Rapid change in short span of time
- Insecurity, uncertainty and fear
a) Getting “worked-up” at work
•25% were under stress daily
•90% were under stress once a week
b) Feeling frazzled at home
•“Father works from sun to sun, but mother’s work is never done”
c) Asset management
d) Life daily hassle

Managing Stress
I. Measuring stress
•Just how stressed you are?
•Keeping a simple stress diary
–Stress trigger
–Stress response

II. Letting go of tension
•Body scan for muscle tension
•Breathing technique
•Relaxation technique

III. Calming down the mind
•Thought stopping

IV. Stress - Reducing Organizational Skills
V. Finding more time
VI. Eating, exercising and sleeping

Success Factors
Integrity – being honest with all people
Discipline – Applying self-control
Social skills – getting along with people
A supportive spouse
Hard work – More than most people

And lastly, a few tips for you guys to maintain fit for life.

(A) Diet:-
- Lot of fruits and vegetable
- Preference for fish
- Whole grain as a source at energy
- Lots of water
- Go easy on dairy produce and meat
- Don’t fill up, eat slowly and stop early
- Eat water melon and sweet potatoes

(B) Exercise:-
-Stretching and walk daily
-Think Tai Chi and gardening, forget the gym

(C) Meditation:-
-Breathing deeply and counting each breath up to 10

(D) Social Network:-
-Family and communal support
-Active in social and charity organization

(E) Religion:-
-Strongly incline towards religious values

(F) A good attitude:-
-Easy going
-Shy away from any kind of rushing

(G) Stress reducing kit:-

Nah, just kidding. Heh.

Before i write off, i'd like to wish all the muslims a great Hari Raya celebration. For the non-muslims, enjoy your holiday to the fullest! I'll be off to Penang for the coming 2 days, so for the time being, take care and don't get too stressed up with works and studies! Cheers. =]

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