Saturday, August 18, 2007


Sorry guys, haven been really updating my blog during the past few days. Anyway, here i'll be talking on abit on Disturbia, which i've just watched it not too long ago at GSC, 1U.

Not too bad for a thriller. This movie is seriously full of heart pumping and breath taking scenes. In fact, i feel it's better than most of the horror movies showing out there.

If you've watched Transformers, i guess you would have known that guy too. Shia LaBeouf, the main actor for Disturbia. His acting was okay and yeah, he was lucky too. It was Megan Fox at first, then Sarah Hoemer. 2 hawt chiqs in a year! Ahhhh.

That's Ronnie, the Korean guy. A real funny guy. Love the part where he faked his death to scare Kale (Shia LaBeouf). I can practically see my friend jumping up from the seat on this scene. Haha.

The psycho killer, Turner with Kale's mom. The climax of the movie pratically started after this screenshot, which is quite near to end of the movie already.

Well, it seems that the director made a mistake on the scene arrangement on this part. If you've watched the movie, try recalling the scene when Kale (Shia) forced his friend Ronnie to sneak into his neighbour's house cause Ronnie left his hand phone in Turner's car. So, Kale takes a look at the video after Ronnie's 'death' and he sees a woman's head, right. Not long later, Turner (the psycho killer) appears, and he takes the video away. The computer screen then goes blank and when Kale tried to escape in another scene, the video is back on the computer. Nope i never realised it untill Chia told me about it. What an observant movie critique. Haha.

Now, this is Ashley(Sarah)! The girl Kale managed to kissed at the end of the movie. Lucky huh?

Okay, if i were to rate this movie, in general it would be a B+. But if i am to rate it from the aspect that this is a thriller and the rate of my heartbeat, i'll give it an A. Not too bad if you wanna try something different during weekends. Guys, get your gfs with you if you really want to thrill them. Haha. You know what girls do when they are afraid of something rite? Haha.

Have a great weekend guys! I will be away for 2 days to Johor. =)


Princess Eileen said...

Sounds good....

Ok, waiting for some guy to ask me to watch the movie. If he is cute, I will do the "things girl do when they watch horror movie"; if he is "disturbing un-cute", I will make it a "disturbia" to him.

I am just kidding. Have a nice trip in Johor!

SHAUN NG said...

Yeah to me it's not bad larh. Haha. Wish you had a cute guy with you then! I wun wanna see a guy got disturbia-ed after watching Disturbia. Haha. Anyway thanks! Have a great day too! =)