Saturday, August 25, 2007


I think i'm having PBS (Post Blogging Syndrome) again. Yeah, i mean AGAIN. This was one of the reason why my first blog got shutted down 2 years ago. It was a total failure, and i don't want it to happen again.

Sign and symptoms for PBS? Tired, getting lazier day by day, got pissed of with blogger often, out of ideas. Loads of them. Hoping to get back to myself soon, need some time to heal i guess. Well, it's not that serious actually, maybe i'm over exaggerating.

Just to update some of you guys, i've quited my job as a telemarketer. So, i guess i'll have more time to blog on the upcoming days. Can't wait to go back to studies after 3 months long of working. It was a really tiring and exhausting experience. Man, i still prefer studying after all.

To all my course mates, see you guys back on the 17th of Sept. Really missed those good ol' days where we studied and played hard together throughout the exams and yet managed to get into the degree courses we were aiming for.

Just some random pictures i managed to capture on my last trip back to Muar, Johor on 17/08/07.

Granmom's house back at Muar, Johor.

Naughty little cousins.

Red Bouganvilla.

Peach coloured Hibiscus.

Don't know what it's called.

Off focused flower.

Guess that's all. Have a great weekends guys. =)

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