Thursday, August 2, 2007


Was really busy since the day i'm back from Ipoh, yamcha-ed till 1am twice in a row at Williams, meeting up old secondary schoolmates and coursemates from Sarawak. Travelling from Universiti to USJ, den from USJ back to Universiti again and lost my way in between. Phew. I'm exhausted.


Simpson's here!

I've got the trailer here, watch it! =)

Heard that it's a good movie, in fact better than Transformers? Must check it out!


conan_cat said...

well i heard it's a darn good laugh! wanted to watch but knt find movie kaki to watch wif me, haih!! sad

SHAUN NG said...

Hahaa.. yeah.. dunno if it's true that it's better than tranformers.. Must check it out.. XD