Saturday, August 4, 2007


Ipoh is all about good food and pretty girls. I have totally no idea how's Ipoh like until the day i got myself there. I was there on a weekend job for Astro. It was a Saturday. Great morning with clear blue sky, we started our journey towards the town at 10am. It takes approximately 2.5 hrs to reach Ipoh through Gopeng, Perak.

The limestone hill can be spotted easily at least once every 10km along the highway.

At approximately 12.00pm, we touched down on the little town of Gopeng, the southern part of the state of Perak. Had the famous "kai chuk" (chicken porridge) for our lunch at a foodcourt near the morning market. Couldn't provide the photo here but if you're seriously into trying the porridge, i would suggest you to drop by Gopeng town and ask the locals for the location.


It takes only 30 minutes drive from Gopeng to the busy town of Ipoh. At 12.30pm, we checked in at Syuen Hotel. A 4-star hotel centered in the heart of Ipoh town. 5 minutes walk to Ipoh Parade and 10 minutes walk to Ipoh Convent (Wondering why i put it as a landmark? Cause it's a girl school. Haha).

The lobby of Syuen Hotel. Beautiful interior, it "feels" so British.

Twin sharing deluxe room.


2pm. It's work time!

TVBS staff setting up the "Minutes to Fame" stage.

Participants getting ready for rehearsal.

Our booth.

Our products. Astro on Demand: Drive of Life.

The crowds.

Joey Leung on the stage.

Joey Leung again.

Backstage pics. Joey Leung, King Kong and Phoebe Yap.

Invited guest from Hong Kong, Cheuk Kei (I think).

The "Minutes to Fame" started off at 2pm and ended at 7pm. Our job finished at 9pm though. Fuh. Exhausted.

There goes a day.

Will be posting more pictures and reviews of foods in Ipoh on my next post. So, stay with me. =)


iCalvyn said...

the hotel bed room are big, i think 1 bed can sleep 2 person also....

SHAUN NG said...

Yeah quite a comfortable hotel you can find in Ipoh. Try it out next time when you drop by Ipoh overnight. Haha.