Sunday, August 26, 2007


If you're steamboat craving, this will definitely be a post you're looking forward to. It's one of the most popular buffet steamboat restaurant you can find around PJ area. If you haven't made any bookings before heading to it, then queieing for a table there is a must. I guess those who stayed around the Sunway and PJ area would have known this place like a decades ago. But you know, not much people actually blog about it.

Therefore i hereby present to you, the forever-overpopulated Yuen Steamboat Buffet Restaurant.

It's quite easy to get to that place actually, strategically located beside the LDP expressway right before the Sunway's 3 tier bridge. To be more exact, it's behind the Sunway's Dominos Pizza outlet.

I will personally suggest you to give Mrs. Susie (owner of the restaurant, will provide you the number at the end of this post) a ring before you head to this place to avoid the long queue.

Eat all you can at Yuen's !

At Yuen's, they serve fruits, nyonya kueh and ice-creams for desserts. I'd say the desserts here are just okay, but hey! We're not here for the desserts right?

My verdict:

For a reasonable price of only RM18.80 per person, this buffet-styled steamboat restaurant offer diners with a huge varieties of fresh seafoods. I wouldn't say they provide the best steamboat in town but for such a reasonable price, i guess this place is defintely worth trying out. In fact, it's also a well known place to hang out with family members and friends.




TEL: 03-56375825 / 016-2086678 (Mrs. Susie Teh)



Princess Eileen said...

I went there to makan before. You staying around there?

Steamboat is only fun when there are a bunch of friends or family going there together. Makan-makan & chit-chatting. Oh, and GRAB ALL THE GOODIES. The chicken wing still out for grabs there? :)

SHAUN NG said...

Yup! Staying around PJ area. Have been to that place twice only, after staying here for like 19 years already.. Haha. XD

Yeah true! that's what steamboat is all about! The chicken wings~ Man, they only top up once every 30 minutes and once they top up, it'll be all gone within a minute.. Bestest chicken wings in town! =D

Princess Eileen said...

Yalor, I went there once with a group of guys & girls... Once the people come with the plates of chicken wings.. All the guy ready with the plates... And Get... Set... Go.... Kakakaka....

I seldom go to PJ, but I was there for 4 years studying in Uni. You are 19 years old? 100% local KL-PJ?

SHAUN NG said...

Haha. You staying around KL area? Yup 19yo and yup 100% local PJ-KL. Born here and grew up here as well. Getting kind of bored already. XD

red said...

is this place halal?

and could you recommend any nice halal chinese restos arund KL/PJ?