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In this post, i'll introduce to you guys a few of the popular eateries you can find throughout Ipoh. Yeah, it's true that Ipoh is all about good food. Especially if you're chicken craving, the Ipoh beansprout chicken will definitely fullfil your desire.
#1 Restaurant Lou Wong

Perhaps this is the place to go for tauge Ipoh kuay teow. This corner shop is most famous for the steamed chicken and beansprout dishes that go with a bowl of piping hot kuay teow soup. Although there are a few stalls selling the same menu along the street, locals tend to make a beeline for this place. Lou Wong gets pretty busy from late evening onwards.

A unique way of serving drinks. They just throw this tray on your table and ask you to choose your drinks instead of taking down your orders.

In Ipoh, chicken must always come with beansprout. It seems that Ipoh produces one of the best beansprout in Malaysia due to their clean and nutritious water from the valley. In fact, this is also why Ipoh produces lots of leng luis. Haha.

#2 Cowan Street Beansprout Chicken and Hor Fun

If you're looking for the best "Nga Choi Kai" (Beansprout Chicken) in town, this is the place you're looking for. Personally, i feel Cowan Street serves better beansprout chicken than the overpopulated "Lou Wong". They serve tender and juicy chicken with fat and crunchy beansprout which you will eat along with their famous "hor fun", which looks more like the Kuey Teow here in KL.

#3 Restaurant Foh San

The ever famous Foh San is really for the early risers. This is a favourite haunt for the older folks - after their morning exercises and in for a cup of tea and an array of no frills, scrumptious dim sum to start the day. It's no surprise therefore, that getting a seat is difficult. After getting yourself a table, you may have to fight to get noticed as the waitresses are often too busy to entertain.

A huge varieties of local made Dim Sum to choose from.

#4 Kedai Kopi Thean Chun (Old Town)

The coffeshop have a whole range of stalls selling all types of hawker food. The shop is always crowded but turnover is also high, so getting a table is not a problem, after a short wait. It is opened daily from 7am to 4pm. The favourite here is the har (prawn) mee, reputed to be the best in town. the chee cheong fun is also a must try. Although it is also known for its satay, the standard has dropped a bit as the old operator has retired and the stall is now managed by new tenant. The egg custard is also popular and sold off if you are a bit late.

Almost gone. The rojak, hor fun, popiah, beansprout and chee cheong fun, which is a must try!

If you have difficulty locating this kopi tiam (coffee shop), it's the one that has its walls lined with large old mirrors.

#5 Tong Sui Kai (Dessert street)

If you're looking for a taste of local desserts, then this is the place to be. It also serves 'Tong Sui' that will be able to soothe parched throats. " You name it, we make it! " is their tagline.

The crowds. Not easy to get a seat here.

White fungus boiled with gingko nuts.

"Char Tan" (Tea Egg?) and "Zha Kor Ping" (Shaved ice with ssorted fruits).


Ipoh's food is famous, and comparable to that from Penang. Many people, some from as far as Singapore, actually travel to this city just to taste its variety of great food. There are numerous dishes worthy of gluttons but visitors to Ipoh should make it a point to taste the local fare. Chances are the cuisine here is more varied and likely to be tastier than many other places in Malaysia.

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