Sunday, January 13, 2008



Back from my first New Community gathering at MV and yeah, it was awesome. Christien New's latest movie Jarum Halus was seriously not bad, will talk bout this on one post later on. And gosh, Christien had a guest joining us for the movie too! Guess who is he? Bet many of you guys would have already guessed it right. Me too was kind of shocked when he appeared halfway during the screening. And yeahh, he's currently at KL! heh. So, you guys can start hunting him down now! Well, answers and the post i promised earlier on AMBP Bloggers gathering will be coming up really soon, sorry guys but was kind of busy these days. Please do stay patient for the updates. Till then, have a great night there! Ta.


Kate said...

so fast post up the pic. why blur his face???

I AM SO JEALOUS!!! hate u la. i couldn't even make it there.


this sucks.

Wing Loon said...

Kenny Sia???

SHAUN NG said...

kate> LOL. To create the mysterious kind of fell man. Dun hate me la. xD But, he looks and acts pretty ordinary. A great blogger tho. lol.

wing loon> YUP!!! =]

SilverIsle said...

Damn obvious right he's Kenny Sia. Haha.

SHAUN NG said...

silverisle> LOL!!! xD

Christien New said...

Hey hey hey!!!

Thks for your kind posting

Christien New

SHAUN NG said...

No probs at all, Christien. Was great to see you guys! =]